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David Calfo’s Steel City Salvage Art Goes Upscale at Arbor Aid

This Friday’s Arbor Aid 2011 fundraiser will feature a variety of artwork for sale from over 40 local artists, but there’s one sculptor in particular whose work you’re going to feel like “salvaging.”…

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Pittsburgh Dad (video)

Pittsburgh Dad is a hilarious new web series from Chris Preksta that pokes fun at the way we talk in this tahn. The Mercury Men creator recently put out the first episode starring Curt Wooton as the…

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Pittsburgh: The Premiere Sports Mecca (video)

Guide to the Game is a new sports show that profiles America’s sports towns. We’re pretty sure the guys are from Buffalo, which would explain why it was the featured town in the first episode. It…

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This Just In: Troy Polamalu Fined 10K For Calling His Wife!

Steelers Strong Safety Makes $10,000 Phone Call – Worth $100,000 In Free Advertising The best strong safety in the NFL was slammed with an outrageous penalty this week after making a quick call to…

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The Zombie Opera’s Final Run – October 27-30, 2011

Warning: This is your last chance to see Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera! That’s right, they’ve received countless requests for an encore show, and this is it. Boring Pittsburgh is an…

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Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt in Shadyside

Say hello to your new addiction, Happy Berry Frozen Yogurt. The doors to this cute and colorful, self-serve froyo joint opened this week on Walnut Street in Shadyside. A brief history of yogurt shops…

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How to Use the Bike Racks on PAT Buses (video)

After 10 pedal pushing years, Pittsburgh buses are now 100% equipped with bicycle racks. That is super exciting news, but for a Rack ‘n Roll newbie, the excitement is dampened by slight apprehension….

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ParkPGH Launches Psychic Parking App

Wired featured the recently updated ParkPGH app today, and talked about the CMU research and psychic algorithms that make up the backbone of the service. Yes, psychic. This app not only tells you…

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“Elixir” Filming in Schenley Park

One Shot “Elixir,” an ABC musical production (codeword BOSS) with Chelsea Kane and Jane Seymour, is taking over Schenley Park near Phipps Conservatory (behind Carnegie Mellon) for a few days. The…

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Walnuts all u want
Free Walnuts All You Want on Craigslist - WTF PGH?

Free Walnuts All You Want on Craigslist - WTF PGH?

A song about free walnuts

Walnuts all u want’s the title of this song,
Come get yer free walnuts, before em all gone.

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